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5 Tips for how to be a happy student

December 5, 2018

How to be a happy student..

Learning anything can be frustrating, but I find the problem with learning the music nowadays is that lots of people do it, therefore it must be ‘easy’.

It’s not. It’s hard. It can hurt. You don’t always see immediate results.

It’s not you. It takes a bit of time to assimilate everything that needs to happen to get a good sound out of your instrument or your voice. That’s normal, but as a general rule of thumb, we aim to get decent results well within 6 hours of coaching. Most people see a result within 2 hours.

5 Tips for being a happy student
1. Set yourself small, achievable targets.
2. Understand that it’s a process and you need to give yourself time to get used to new things.
3. Your body gets used to it. If you feel like it’s the most unnatural thing you’ve ever done, it won’t always feel like that. Practice little and often.
4. Your brain will get used to it. When flooded with new information we can go into panic mode. This also goes away and it will not always feel so overwhelming.
5. Persevere and repeat. Much of learning to play is building up muscle memory and that ONLY happens with repetition.

Don’t quit after 20mins. Give it at least 6 hours – spread that out as it suits you – 12 x 30min sessions is a good way to start. Get them in your diary. Don’t analyse it, don’t over think it, just do your 6 hours. Then look back and see how you feel.

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