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“The tutors have taught me, the skills join a band, the confidence to play in public and now starting to sing. And all the time they are so incredibly supportive and knowledgeable.” Bob Cheshire, Quinzhee






Quinzhee - WMF2014

my-band The Igloo Band Coaching sessions are a brand new opportunity for bands, trios, duets or any number of musicians playing together to learn tips, tricks and invaluable tools to take out into the music world and transform their performance and their experience. When a musician or artist becomes involved with other players, a whole different world opens up to them. Interacting with other like-minded musicians and making music together is one of the greatest pleasures artists can experience. However, along with this comes logistical, equipment and even inter-personal relationship issues. All of these issues can be easily sorted but left unresolved can easily spoil our enjoyment of our chosen craft. The Igloo Band Coaching Sessions will look at all aspects of your band’s structure and performance. We will discuss equipment, technique, stage-craft and also the many situations and scenarios you may find yourself in as a gigging band. We will look at getting the most from your equipment, knowing what to ask for and how to ask for it at gigs and the right way to approach sound engineers, venues and promoters.

Learn from mentors with experience…

Our coaches, DiElle and Chris Wood have 50 years worth of gigging experience between them and have pretty much encountered every problem, situation and solution you can imagine. We have the facilities to set up like a real gig and our coaches can watch you perform before giving real advice and answering any questions you may have. Your group can use the band coaching sessions to really polish your live performances but also get the most from rehearsals, work on song choices and arrangements and we are even able to correct any minor technique issues we feel individuals may have. Aside from the sessions, if the coaches feel that individual band members could benefit from 1:1 coaching, this can be discussed and offered as an additional lesson, outside of the band coaching.

Venue : Band Coaching Unit, North Hayling (contact for full address). 
Times : Weekday evenings and Saturdays
Open to : Ages 18-98
Cost : Minimum of 2 band members, £15 an hour per head