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Bass Masterclass –
The Minor Modes

Most music students baulk in fear at the mention of the word ‘scale’ during their lessons. Scales have the image of being dull and monotonous and simply something that we HAVE to learn. The intervals and sequences are often likened to mathematics with the same air of mystery and difficuly. We get to grips with the Major scale pretty early on in our musical journey with good reason, all other scales chords and modes are set apon the building blocks of the Major scale.
The Minor scales and modes are a little less straight-forward as they can contain different degrees depending on usage and harmony. Having several different variations of Minor scale can be confusing and taxing. Which one fits with which chord? Which one is different depending on whether I’m ascending or descending? Can I only use them in Minor key signitures?

The Minor Modes Masterclass…

This Masterclass looks at the Minor scales and modes and how they can be used to create bass lines, fills and runs and how having the patterns under your fingers can introduce new tensions and sounds to your playing and improvising.
Learn the patterns and applications of the Minor modes, when you can use them and even how to incorporate them into Major keys.Unlock the mysteries of your fretboard and feel comfortable moving the patterns across strings and along the neck.
Whether you play a 4-string bass or a 5-string or highter, this class is for you. UK session bassist Chris Wood will guide you through the maze of Natural vs Harmonic vs Melodic in this fun and informative Masterclass and even if you already have a basic knowledge of Minor harmony, we guarantee there will be something in this class to fire your creativity. The tips and tricks contained in this 90 min session will proper your bass playing forwards like never before!

Tickets are now available and will sell fast so book yours today using the link below!

Town : Wickham
Venue : Igloo Music UK
Times : Tuesday 24th October 7pm – 8:30pm
Open to : Ages 16+
Cost : £20

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