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Bob Cheshire – made his wife a guitar widow (not really…)

September 3, 2014

Quinzhee at Learn To Play Day.jpgBob Cheshire join us some years ago on the Guitar Foundation Course (now called Strum 101) to improve his playing after ‘fiddling around with it for 16 years’. He has been an integral part of the Igloo furniture ever since and recently a key player in Igloo group performances. Bob joined Quinzhee in 2013 and is now a regular local gigging guitarist. Bob is also the band leader for The Igloo Band, playing a big role in booking and organising gigs for this sizeable group. We have a busy gigging schedule, and even played for Prince Charles some years back!

“I have been an Igloo student for some time and the tutors have taught me to learn to play the guitar, the skills join a band, the confidence to play in public and now starting to sing. And all the time they are so incredibly supportive and knowledgeable.

The lessons are never boring and I started to learn to play a song straight away. No hours and hours of practicing scales (although I do now on my own) but an easy going, friendly way to learn an instrument. And what pleasure I get from it! My wife is in danger of becoming a guitar widow!!!!

If you think you would like to have a go just let Igloo show you the way!”

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