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Carolyn answers some questions about The Igloo Choir

December 16, 2020

Igloo Choir members were recently asked some questions about our new song Call The Changes by Ivan Prothero of The Portsmouth News. Here are Caz’s replies.

Who’s idea was it to produce the song?

Dielle usually comes up with these amazing ideas & as a choir we usually
say yes let’s do it! Unfortunately Covid changed our original Wickham
performance intentions for the song.

How difficult has the pandemic made the practice & recording?

It’s not been ideal on zoom but it’s certainly working & it is great to see
everyone & make the best of the situation. Recording we each did on ou mobiles a Capella individually at home & emailed to Dielle to put
together & work her Igloo magic!

Why did you make the song?

For the Wickham anniversary 

How pleased are you with the final version?

I’m actually really shocked at the quality from just a mobile phone home recording, I did have to take a few goes as my cat Chester butted in

How important was learning and trying to ring the bells to the song?

That was fun, really helped with the chorus. I’m an Accountant, not easy
to sing words in the wrong order, I had to write the numbers down in a
staircase format to sing them correctly!

Has this project helped people through the lockdown?

Absolutely! Igloo really is a little family with a love of music 🎶. We’ve
loved dressing up on zoom throughout! If you don’t like dressing up &
laughing – don’t join our choir!

What else does this group do and how often do you get together/practice?

We practice two Monday evenings a month & one Saturday afternoon a month. We write all our own songs, we perform at Choirfest in Bognor each year & various charity gigs, especially at Christmas… Except in 2020!
Some great friendships have been made through Igloo, I’ve been singing
in the Choir & band for 9 years now!

How will the song be used?

(in the celebration) I believe Dielle is sending to local community groups, it’s been played on local radio stations & we can’t wait to rehearse &
perform it in person!

Who’s idea was it to use a virtual background?

I’m sure this would have been another one of DiElles brainwaves! She’s
amazingly creative!

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