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Choir Workshop, Carus Choir Coaching in the UK

Guest vocal coaching for community choirs and groups.

You can bring Dielle in a a guest to deliver choir coaching for your group.

This kind of choir coaching is useful to work on vocal production with your members, rather than learning different songs.

Fun 60min guest coaching sessions can be arranged with your group. You can read a short example on the blog here and watch a short clip here.

This could be for you if you have a community singing group and you feel:-

  • Some of your group members lack confidence
  • Your group sound could be more cohesive
  • Some of your members have little or no vocal technique
  • You know they can sing better but you’re not sure how best to help them
  • You just want to improve the overall sound
  • You’ve hit a plateaux

It can sometimes be a challenge to teach your own choir how to sing as well as what to sing. One of the benefits of bringing in a guest to deliver choir coaching, is that your group will naturally be in a different mindset when working with someone else. Because it’s a different voice and a different face giving choir coaching, your members will process the information differently. You can also use this type of choir coaching to fill in any gaps you might feel you have in your knowledge, if you have questions about that. You will have a full consultation with Dielle before the session, to ensure specific content is prepared to address your choir’s current needs, whilst fully supporting the regular director.

Dielle will also provide up to a 10min video after the session, recording the most important points arising from the workshop. This will be supplied on a private link and can be shared with all of your choir members, to help them remember the content and continue to implement it.

Choir coaching: £75 60mins plus travel expenses
Includes all materials and follow up video of 10mins.

If you’re interested in having Dielle come and visit your choir, please email info@igloomusic.co.uk and tell us about your group, and what you would like to achieve.