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“My name is Ben, and I did GCSE and AS level Music which required compositions that went to my final grade. The genres of these pieces varied from soft rock, to heavy metal to crime to classical. For all of these, I have always gone to Chris for assistance. He himself is an exceptionally talented musician and his wide knowledge of music and music theory allows him to give you another perspective on how to compose your piece for any genre.

He always had another suggestion, if that would be down to the structure of the piece, to the development of the melody of the song, to the harmonic progression of the piece, which I was able to take away and work on to expand. He has educated me with music theory, which has expanded my wealth of knowledge on ways to create chord progressions and melodies, and gave me more options to allow me to evolve my piece to allow it flourish a little bit more. It also allowed me to ‘break’ these rules, for example, gaining insight to how to adapt dissonance into my pieces. From Chris’ lucid tutoring ability, I managed to get one mark off full marks in my AS composition grade, which I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the support of Chris.

Chris gives you new pathways to reconnoiter and, even though not all of them lead to a positive transformation of the composition, a lot of the time, it allows you to be more creative and allows you to compose a piece more true to yourself. Still to this day, I am composing new pieces, and my guitar playing has diverted from learning other artists song, to creating my own.” Ben

Composition for GCSE Music, Tutoring in Hampshire, Portsmouth & Online

” I managed to get one mark off full marks in my AS composition grade, which I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the support of Chris.” Ben

  • 3 session online course
  • COVID Safe
  • Experienced teachers and composers
  • Relaxed and approachable tutors
  • Quick results for your child
composition for gcse music

Here at Igloo we have found that a very high percentage of students taking music at school struggle with composition for GCSE music. It can be tricky to make headway with the composition element of their course.

With a few short sessions we have been able to give the students direction, get them unstuck, and help them with questions they have about hitting the criteria for this assessment.

  • avoid wasted time working on composition that does not meet criteria for assessment
  • enable students to enjoy working on a good quality piece of work
  • avoid frustration of not knowing what to do with their composition time in class
  • get quick results, allowing students to move on
  • get questions answered specific to the individual
  • expert coaching from experienced tutors and composers

This is not instrument specific, so we can help with whatever instrument your child is using to compose for their GCSE.

This course is all delivered online, in 2 group sessions and 1 personal coaching session.

Composition For GCSE Music – 3 session online course

  • Session 1 – November 11th 5.30pm-6.30pm (group session online) How to get unstuck, and addressing common problems in composing for GCSE.
  • Session 2 – online personal coaching session – to be arranged at mutual convenience. Your composition and questions.
  • Session 3 – November 25th 5.30-6.30pm (group session online) Hitting the assessment criteria with your composition.

Students can bring their own compositions or questions to their one-to-one session and get feedback and advice from the tutors.

With just a little input, students can avoid a great deal of frustration and spend their time working constructively on their compositions.

Please contact us if we can help or if you’d like to pay directly.

In order to be of the most help, we will ask a few questions before the course starts so please book in good time to allow us to get to know your child and get them set up with everything they’ll need.


Next course starts