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Nestled in the Hampshire countryside, The Igloo Music recording studio is a peaceful and idyllic place to create. Our purpose-built facility contains the control room and large live room, coupled with kitchen facilities and bathroom including shower, essential for those long or late-night sessions. All accessible on the ground floor of the building.

We offer a range of recording services for bands and singer-songwriters, as well as voice-over facilities for spoken-word or voice over video projects.

Recording and Production Courses, Lessons and Masterclasses

As well as recording and creative services, we offer training in recording techniques for people of all levels wishing to be creative. For beginners, our GarageBand for iPad course can get you started and introduce you to basic recording techniques. For more advanced creatives, keep an eye out for masterclasses with Artful, platinum selling producer, who visits us from time to time.


We work with Artful on occasional events for DJs. If you are interested in DJ-ing lessons, production lessons for DJs, masterclasses and events, please contact us for the latest information.

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Check the Igloo Events Diary to find out what's on! Or drop us a line us via the contact page above to chat about your needs.
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