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A Great But Quiet Vocal Workout">A Great But Quiet Vocal Workout

September 3, 2020

This workout is a new collection of fun vocal exercises for keeping the noise down at home but still getting an effective workout.

Once you have gone through the checkout, please make sure you click on each item to download it. There are 10 mp3s and 1 eBook.

If you would like a CD, please contact us at info@igloomusic.co.uk
We can post this to you for an additional £2 P&P fee.

What are singers saying?

Viv says: “I love A Great But Quiet Vocal Workout!

With the accompanying leaflet it is easy to follow – and unobtrusive if you have close neighbours or someone hoping to watch a film on tv without being disturbed!

Loved doing the quieter Sirens and the tongue twisters – and especially the jams to try and be creative!

It’s easy to move to the exercise you want to do – though as yet I haven’t tried the candle!

I had a Eureka moment with The Blowfish! Having never mastered Lip Trills – this exercise

feels similar and gave me tingling lips! A first!

Thank you Igloo!”

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