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Breathing Basics – breathing exercises for singing">Breathing Basics – breathing exercises for singing

April 30, 2013

Breathing_Basics -Breathing exercises for singing

Breathing Exercises for Singing

Really informative – I’m devouring it!” Vivien

This book of breathing exercises for singing has been developed to address some of the obstacles many singers encounter when learning to sing.

  • finding time
  • knowing what to do to improve breathing technique
  • having the right tools

The breathing exercises for singing in Breathing Basics will help you overcome these obstacles.

The 16 step by step breathing exercises in this book help to develop

  • vocal fitness
  • singer’s understanding of healthy vocal technique
  • breath control, or singing with support

Breath control is the mother skill of healthy singing. 

This book contains 6 lessons and 16 exercises, breaking down breath control for singers. New audio accompanying this book, comprises 50mins of lessons on breathing exercises for singing.


Why do you need breathing exercises for singing?

In everyday speech, we naturally supply sufficient air for our voice; however singing requires more conscious regulation of airflow to avoid straining the vocal cords. Straining the voice by singing too high, too low, too loudly, making forced sounds like growling, grunting, squealing will also cause discomfort and potentially damage. This should always be avoided.


After singing, the vocal cords should not ache. If after singing you suffer with:-

  • sore or aching throat
  • difficulty speaking
  • irritable throat / coughing / clearing your throat

your vocal folds are telling you that they are not happy. This can be related to lack of adequate breath control. Doing some breathing exercises for singing will help you develop adequate breath control.

By doing some breathing exercises for singing you can learn all of these skills, and improve your vocal control, and ultimately the quality of the sound of your voice.

This book is a natural accompaniment to the singing courses and vocal groups offered by Igloo Music UK, and a useful companion for anyone wishing to develop their voice through self teaching.

If you have any questions about anything in this book, feel free to come and chat on our Facebook page here.

16 Exercises – £16.95

Audio breathing exercises for singing

Audio accompaniments to this book can be found here:-

Hiss and Hum

Let Me Be There – breathing exercise

These audio breathing exercises for singing will compliment the content of this book, and are also a useful tool.

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