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“Igloo is really exciting – it’s great learning and playing together with other guitarists” Mike, Rock and Blues Guitar Lessons

“Tutors go out of their way to make learning fun” Richard, Beginner Guitar Lessons

”I love coming out to Igloo for my guitar group – it’s so peaceful and the group is lovely. It’s really helped me get into playing my guitar” Maureen, Strum 101 Group

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Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons can be painful and frustrating at first, sometimes players can hit a plateau and don’t know how to move on. Guitar lessons with Igloo are designed for you to get as much enjoyment as quickly as possible out of your playing.

If you are a complete beginner, you can choose to join our Strum 101 group, which will cover the basics in a fun group environment, where you will also get peer support, (and realise everyone else’s fingers hurt too!).

If you’ve moved beyond the basics, you might like to consider a group that focuses more on learning lots of songs and performing, like our Rock and Blues Group – watch the video above to see them in action after 3 sessions. We have a brand new group starting at Nevada Music this February.

Wherever you are with your guitar playing, our guitar lessons and groups are designed to gently guide you to the next stage, but most of all enable you to actually play real music and enjoy it. If you want to join in our variety of public and private gigs you can, but it is your choice.

Private guitar lessons are also available at our base in Wickham, and at Nevada Music and focus 100% on getting you past your own specific barriers, and powering you on to enjoy your music.

Guitar Lessons in Portsmouth, Fareham, Havant and Hampshire

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

The guitar is a sociable, portable and popular instrument. It is great fun to play alone, in a group, or with other musicians.

However it can be frustrating and painful in the beginning. Here at Igloo we promise you it’s worth it, and our variety of guitar lessons help you get over those initial pain barriers and fast track you to enjoyment with minimal fuss and maximum enjoyment.

Guitar lessons with Igloo are varied in style from 1:1 coaching to large groups. Whether you are a brand newbie, or a more experienced player looking for an outlet, you will be able to join in one of our activities for guitarists, keeping you inspired and motivated, and helping you to actually play and enjoy it.

Here is 13 year-old Ben playing Kaiser Chiefs’ “Ruby” along with a backing track. All the guitars you can hear are Ben!!!


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April Taster Sessions

Hello! Please book yourself onto any of the sessions below at your leisure - please note all group activities are for over 18s only. Private ... Read more »