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How To Access The Igloo Online Classroom

March 22, 2020

Given the current climate, we have taken some of our services online. There are a variety of options.

Facebook – for online courses and challenges

Online Challenges and Courses

Facebook Courses
Some courses will be available via a private Facebook group.

You will need a Facebook account in your own name to be able to access course materials.We’ll need to touch base with you before the course starts to make sure we have the right information to be able to give you access.

Adult Learners’ Free Facebook Group

These are used for courses where you will have some live input, but also access to online training materials you will be able to access at your convenience, for the duration of the course.
1) Create a Facebook account here. (You do not need to put a photo or any personal information, and you can also set your privacy settings so no one can see your activity on Facebook).
2) Select and purchase your course
3) Touch base with the Igloo Office to let us know you’re ready, via info@igloomusic.co.uk
You can practice by requesting to join our public Adult Learners Free Facebook Group here. This is not where your course materials will be, but the process of joining a group is the same.

Zoom – for parties, groups and classes

Classes and Groups

This is two way conferencing software, and used for classes, groups and play-a-longs. You will need to download the free software here to be able to access these classes. You can also have the app on your tablet and/or phone, which you can get free from the app store.

Classes are scheduled live, so you need to attend as if it is an in person event.
You will be provided with a specific meeting link ahead of time. When it’s time for your group to start, just get comfortable and click the meeting link.
1) Download Zoom
2) Select and pay for your course
3) Click the meeting link at lesson time and enjoy!
– as many of our members are new to using this, we offer some testing meetings when we are in the office for you to check whether or not is it working. If you need to do this, please let us know in good time before your class commences by emailing info@igloomusic.co.uk

Skype – for private sessions

Private Sessions

Watch This Video to set up (2mins)

Private sessions are now being offered via Skype. If you would like your 1:1 via this method, you need to download the software to your computer here and connect with Igloo as soon as possible. At your lessons time, open Skype and your tutor will call you. You can also have the app on your phone/tablet which you can download free from the app store.
1) Download Skype here
2) Search contacts for info@igloomusic.co.uk + request to connect
3) At your lesson time, get comfy and open the app.
4) Answer the call when your tutor rings!


We are doing everything we can to support our members using this new suite of solutions for online learning. Please ask if you want help or if there’s anything you don’t understand. We will do everything we can to help you.

See you online!

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