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I first listened to an audiobook years ago when I had a job I disliked…

October 4, 2019

“I first listened to an audiobook years ago when I had a job I disliked. I was stressed out of my mind, working, studying, trying to juggle my personal life/gym etc. I would have loved to have time to read, but I was completely frazzled.

As a commuter, I spent a lot of time stuck in traffic. I liked the comfort of being spoken to while I was commuting, and enjoyed making use of the time that I felt was a waste of my life, learning something new or being entertained. I began to look forward to these pockets of time, rather than dread them. Fast forward about ten years, and when we made our own purpose built studio, it was important to me that we had the spec for excellent quality audiobook production. Tick.

As it happens, unbeknownst to me in the meantime, the ‘long form revolution’ has happened, where more and more people are turning to audiobooks to make use of their ‘found time’. Walking the dog, on the treadmill, commuting, cooking the dinner, even swimming (if you have the right waterproof mp3 player!) many more people all over the world are listening now. I feel comforted that something I enjoyed has become infinitely more popular. It’s another way experts can reach audiences who will never have time to read that amazing book you slaved over. Happy face.”



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