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Igloo Beats Drum Group

May 17, 2017


The Igloo Beats Drum Group is a percussion workshop which aims to give musicians and non-musicians a fun and engaging experience of the many instruments and rhythms used in many genres of music from around the world.

Igloo Music drum tutor, Konnor, guided the group through the different instruments and sounds available, from bongos and djembes to claves and rainsticks and how they can be used to generate some surprisingly complex rhythmic patterns, mixing counts of 4, 5 & 6, which kept the whole group on their toes!

Drumming together as a group!

The group was fun and interactive with members of the group counting out loud and encouraging each other throughout the session. Beginning with some simple time-keeping and beat-counting exercise, we were soon getting our groove on and even taking solos, which on a rainstick is no mean feat!! As the session progressed, the exercises got more complex but were clearly explained by Konnor before we began. many of the exercises were akin to patting the head and rubbing the stomach, especially when the group was split into three small groups, each playing to a different beat and counting different numbers!

After the session, each of us left with a new-found respect for rhythm and the importance of good musical time-keeping and a nervous excitement of what Konnor had in store for us next time!

Drum Taster Session For Charity

On the 25th June 2017, Konnor will be running an Igloo Beats drum group session at the Mount Folly Charity Festival. The session with be at 12pm and suitable for the whole family. A donation of £1 per person is all that’s required – 100% of which goes to the charities on the day.

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