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“My kids loved the songs, they’re really catchy” Kim


Thursdays 10.30am!

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“Thank you so much for the zoom session. Both girls love your smiley enthusiasm which is infectious and makes them join in. N was excited to learn the words and actions and these were catchy and easy to copy/follow along (meaning n could join in by herself while I did the actions with baby M). It was really lovely to watch them enjoying it thanks to your efforts. N is very shy in social situations so being able to access fun and educational services online from home works really well for us.” Kimberley, Mum of children aged 4 and 6months.  








Little Snowflakes Early Learning Singing Group

Thursdays 10.30am !

We’re launching our new singing group for babies and toddlers, introducing the little ones into the fun world of music!

Our fun singing groups are online and available for babies and toddlers aged 0-4 years old.

Join our weekly sessions and sing, dance, laugh, learn and explore with our dynamic and engaging singing group facilitators!

Our singing sessions are interactive, fun and easy for your little ones to follow, encouraging all areas of learning through sons and rhymes.

A fun, early learning activity such as group singing has so many benefits for your baby:
• Singing and music activities can help babies and toddlers develop their sensory skills.
• Babies can develop essential learning and engagement skills by listening and paying more at-tention through our fun, singing group activity.
• Coming together in a learning singing group with other babies or toddlers will help your baby socialise and make new friends, which is currently very difficult to do in person.
• Early learning singing is the most creative and constructive activity that will excite your little ones and keep them busy!

Our early learning singing group sessions are packed with songs based around topics that appeal to preschool-age children. They are easy to follow and learn by any age group.

Parents and older children can get involved too and are more than welcome to join in!

Our early learning group singing sessions take place every week and cost £5.98 each, with the option to sign up for a membership of £15 per month (3-5 sessions a month).

For more information or to join in, don’t hesitate to get in touch: info@igloomusic.co.uk.

We would love to hear from you!