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“Understanding the chord progression behind the 12 bar blues really turned a light on – I understand the music behind the songs I’ve been playing. I don’t have to learn each song parrot fashion; if I know it’s 12 bar blues, I know I can play it!” Greg, guitar

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Music Theory Lessons and Courses

music theory lessons 3“Music is a language. Both music AND verbal languages serve the same purpose.  They are both forms of expression. They can be used as a way to communicate with others, they can be read AND written… They can make you laugh or cry, think or question and can speak to one or many: and both can definitely make you move.” – Victor Wooten

Think for a moment about how many words you know… probably tens of thousands! If you only knew words but had no concept of stringing them into sentences or using grammar, you could still make yourself understood but your messages would be basic and probably uninspiring.

The same is true of music

Knowing how to make a sound on your instrument or with your voice will enable you to make music but understanding the music theory and the intricacies that bind the notes, chords and melodies together can unlock a wonderful, creative world.

If you are driven to write your own, original music, music theory lessons will help you to be more imaginative and really bring the message or emotion of your music across in a way you never thought possible.

Music theory lessons and courses will help you understand your instrument or your singing in greater depth, improve your musicianship and help you be creative. 

Now available….

Here are just some of the topics you can cover in private music theory lessons, available for all instruments, songwriters and singers:-


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Use this backing track to jam over using the E minor Pentatonic Scale



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