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“Understanding the theory behind the music I’m learning has really helped me improve my playing and singing” Sarah


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“Music theory brings music to life, as it is the language and science behind what we can hear and what we love. It opens doors creatively, to communicate with other musicians, and in educational and professional arenas”

Grade 5 Music Theory CourseGrade 5 Music Theory Course

Grade 5 is a key stepping stone for many musicians wishing to pursue music academically or professionally. Taking our Grade 5 Music Theory Course is fun, informative and brings the science behind music to life! Grade 5 is a key stepping stone for many musicians wishing to pursue music academically or professionally.

Nowadays, more and more universities and music colleges are requesting grade 5 music theory as an entry requirement for their performance and production courses. The Igloo Music Grade 5 Music Theory Course is aimed at musicians who have an interest in theory as well as those looking to enter further or higher music education.

It explains rhythm, harmony and melody, the language of music and how all the elements fit together. It helps musicians to communicate ideas, either spoken or written and gives them a head start in creating great-sounding music.

Entry requirements for the Igloo Music Grade 5 Theory course

A good general understanding of the basic elements of music theory including:

  • Notation in the treble & bass clefs
  • Tones & semitones
  • Time signatures
  • Major & minor scales
  • Major & minor keys
  • Basic triads

If you are taking your first steps in music theory and feel you are not quite up to the standard above, Igloo Music also offer private 1:1 coaching to get you to the entry level for the Grade 5 Music Theory course.

Igloo Music can provide you with all the instruction and course material and also help with examination scheduling and entry. We can also provide mock exams and past papers to ensure you are fully prepared to sit the Grade 5 examination.

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19 hours of expert tuition – get results, retain your learning, move forward with your music.

Venue : Igloo HQ (please contact for directions)
Times : Weekdays early evenings (may vary from course to course)
Open to : Ages 16+
Cost: £249

Next Course – Group sessions start 7th Jan 2016 (1:1 session to be taken with course coach prior to this date)
Times: Group sessions Thursdays 7.30-9.30, 1:1s to be arranged by mutual convenience.
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