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Live Sound Course and Performance Training

The Live Sound Course is designed for the artist or performer who is entering into the world of music and is unsure about the etiquette, equipment and knowledge needed to be a practical, working musician. Not just for the professional performer but for anyone who wants to play with other musicians, either simply for fun or in front of an audience.

Eventbrite - NEW: Practical Musicianship Course 1/5
The course will run for 5 two-hour sessions and is split into 3 modules:-

MODULE 1 – Live Sound practical musicianship 2

  • Public Address (PA) system components, function and operation.
  • Equipment positioning and cabling.
  • Monitors and monitoring.
  • Equipment faultfinding.
  • Differences between, and correct use of amplifiers.
  • Ear training, equalisation, gain and feedback.
  • Attendance at Igloo Jam Night to practice using live sound equipment.

MODULE 2 – Performance

practical musicianship

  • Stagecraft and performance techniques.
  • Rehearsal methods and playing with other musicians.
  • What to expect? Venues, audiences and promoters.
  • Equipment selection & maintenance. Instruments, accessories and repairs.

MODULE 3 – An Introduction To Music Theory

Practical musicianship

  • Basic notation including terminology and symbols.
  • Simple and compound time signatures.
  • Major and Minor keys and scales.
  • Rhythm writing.
  • Music theory and your chosen instrument.
  • How theory can improve your performance.


The Practical Musicianship course will guide you through everything you need to be a well-rounded, confident performer. Whether you’re on the main stage at Glastonbury or your local open mic night, having the skills and the knowledge to understand the scenarios you’ll be faced with or the equipment you’re surrounded by, will greatly improve your experience. This course will serve as a valuable tool to really enable you to get the maximum enjoyment from your craft.

Eventbrite - NEW: Practical Musicianship Course 1/5

Times : Saturdays 9-11am, Session 1 Saturday 6th September and fortnightly thereafter. Please check the events calendar for full details.
Open to : 18+
Cost: £250
Book by: 1st September