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Performance Coaching

170px-Beyoncé_-_Pavilhão_AtlânticoAre you a solo artist and performer? Do you wish your performances had more ‘zing’? The Igloo Music Performance Coaching sessions are just what you’ve been waiting for!

Singing or playing an instrument in front of an audience can be a terrifying experience BUT it can also be an uplifting and immensely enjoyable one. Having the confidence and the experience to engage with an audience, hold their attention and be entertaining to watch are skills that can easily be taught and developed.

Stage Presence

The Igloo Music Performance Coaching Sessions will deal with topics such as stage presence, body language, combating stage-fright, talking to an audience and what NOT to say….. Many of these themes can seem easy and obvious until you have to do them or you see a performer doing them badly? A bad stage performance can overpower a wonderful vocal or musical talent and leave the audience with a wholly wrong impression of your abilities.

So join our Performance Coaching roster and turn your performance into a wonderful, fulfilling experience.

If you perform as a duo, trio or more, please see our Band Coaching page for bigger groups.

Venue : Band Coaching Unit, Igloo HQ, Nevada Music, Denvilles House  
Times : Weekday evenings and Saturdays
Open to : Ages 14-98
Cost :  £35 an hour – discounts available for multiple bookings