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Singing with Igloo

April 21, 2021

“I also want to say a huge thank you to you. It’s organisations like this one that make life worth living and boost people’s confidence to sing when they’ve lost that part of themselves.” Sam, Igloo Choir

Beginner Singing Course – online

“Weeks 1-3:

I was very anxious when I came along to session one as I had never sung before. I have extreme anxiety – meaning I live my life very silenced, along with bipolar, autism, fibromyalgia, and long covid, so I wasn’t sure that I would even be able to speak let alone sing. The tutor, Dielle, was so welcoming and friendly that I felt safe within a few minutes, and was able to relax because she seemed genuinely interested in who I was and why I had come along to the group. The session felt organised and structured and that meant I felt comfortable and trusting. I was able to speak without having to fight to talk over others, I was also encouraged to do exactly as I needed to, even if that meant yawning. It meant that, when I experienced fatigue, I could stay sat down. The other group members were lovely and many of them shared that, they too, felt anxious and it helped me a lot to not feel on my own. Di introduced things in a step by step way and I was never put on the spot…..we very gradually ‘grew’ into using the right posture, and starting to let sound flow out through being encouraged to connect with our bodies. In the online group, I attended, we all sang on mute. By the end of the first session I was sitting better, I had squeaked like a mouse, barked like a dog and, amazingly, sung a whole song, due to gentle, supported guidance done in a safe space whilst being able to relax and laugh. Over all, for me, these three weeks were an incredible experience – I may not yet be an expert singer but I have freed my voice. The impact of that, not just for making music, is that, in my wider life, my speaking voice is unblocked. I would recommend this to everyone…and I have.

Weeks 4-6:

I attended the second set of beginners singing sessions with Igloo Music, which were led by Dielle. These sessions led on from the first set of three so I felt that I was able to build on the skills I had learnt previously – that singing is like ‘sighing out’, a wonderful free release of sound, and no forcing needed. That my singing ‘muscles’ will strengthen and stretch as I use them, enabling me to reach more range in notes and roundness of sound. I felt comfortable, and safe, in the group as the people I was with on the previous course had all decided to carry on – what an amazing testimony to how good these sessions are. These next three sessions focused on how to breathe for singing and how to extend, deepen and control my breathing to be able to use it as I need. Whilst doing wonderful breathing exercises that also felt like ‘purposeful’ meditations, I felt the stresses of my day fade away. I’m living with complex health conditions that cause me a lot of pain, and the sessions, with the breathing, companionship of warm, friendly people, the focus of learning something new and the release of singing, all provided me with the most incredible respite from worry, concern and pain. Dielle was fabulous, just as she was in the previous course. During one session I was experiencing an episode of excruciating pain and she was kind and responsive in encouraging me to do what I needed to in order to look after myself. With her support, I was able to stay in the group that week. At the end of the first and second beginner courses – 6 weeks in total, I am hooked. I’ve already noticed changes in my voice and breathing. I have felt less fearful and more confident, and have been practising in the house when my family are in (and awake) and I definitely want to continue. I highly recommend Dielle, and Igloo Music, they are wonderful and empowering. I am really enjoying my sessions with them.” Sue

Beginners Singing Course Online

“The last 6 weeks have been great! Really informative. Dielle is a fantastic teacher. Fun and easy to talk to, and teaches in a way that just makes sense! I feel I’ve gained confidence with singing, and learning different breathing techniques and how to use my diaphragm properly. I look forward to practicing and using these techniques as a member of the Igloo choir.” Michelle

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