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“That day gave me a break through experience” Belinda

“I felt like I’d had a thousand curtains opened and was able to bask in the creative sunlight that flooded in” Richard

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Songwriting Lessons

Songwriting LessonsOur unique songwriting lessons will help you focus on your developmental points, and boost your creativity.

Songwriting is something you can learn.

We don’t teach you what you should write about, but we do teach you that you should write songs if you want to.

Many of our students have gone on to record and perform their own songs, release singles and albums. Many others have written simply for their own fulfilment, for a gift for spouses, parents, children, friends and family members. Some have written to deal with bereavement or to celebrate, and for a plethora of other reasons, as well as the simple joy of having a creative outlet.

Song writing can be very personal, and tutors are experienced at dealing with this.

Garageband course

You don’t need any previous experience or training to have songwriting lessons – all you need bring is your life experience. You will be taught everything else you need as you go along.

For those who have been writing for a while, a natural progression from songwriting is recording – please click here to visit the special recording course we are running this summer – Garageband Course


We don’t teach you how to have good ideas, but we can teach you to be absorbent, be inspired, and never to worry about writer’s block again. We teach you lots of skills for shaping those ideas into great songs when you have them.


Many people believe that they can’t or shouldn’t write songs, that songwriting is a skill you are born with, you need to be an amazing musician before you can try, or that they’re ‘not creative’. We give individuals of all levels the opportunity to try their hand, through various workshops, courses and our very special annual residential songwriting course. Wherever people are on their songwriting journeys, we can walk with you and nudge you along to the next step.

Like anything else in life, songwriting is a set of skills that you can be taught, and the more you learn, the more ideas you have.
Some people have a burning desire to create right from the beginning before they have any musical knowledge at all, for other people it grows with time, and some musicians have very little interest in it. Songwriting is can be very personal, but we offer a range of activities here to give everyone the opportunity to be creative and have a go.

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If you are a lyricist or not confident writing music, you can use some of our copyright free backing tracks to write against – this can help you achieve good musical structure to your songs and to begin exploring melodic ideas without having to worry about accompaniment to get you started.




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