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Songwriting Workshops - Song-Sharing

Igloo Music UK Private Songwriting Lessons

Songwriting Workshops – Song-Sharing

Being a songwriter can be very lonely. Some people cannot explain their desire to create, and in our experience, it bears no direct correlation with music skill, training or experience. Wherever you are in your creative journey, getting feedback from other people who ‘get you’ can be really useful.

The song-sharing workshop is a great opportunity to get together and listen to each others ideas. Whatever the stage of your song, you can come along and show it to other songwriters who will let you know in a supportive and constructive way, what their impressions are of it, and workshop any ideas for how to move forward with it. You will be able to give this feedback to your peers also, and contribute your opinion, which can be very useful for people at all stages of their creative process.

You can bring a complete first draft of a song and perform it, or you can simply explain your ideas that you have so far. You do not have to act on anybody else’s feedback if you don’t want to – it is offered in a respectful way, simply as food for thought.

This songwriting workshop happens every 4-6 weeks approximately at Igloo HQ, and is often the evening activity at the songwriting day courses in Petersfield.

Venue : Igloo HQ (please contact for directions) / The Sustainability Centre
Times : Weekday Evenings – keep an eye on the events calendar for upcoming events
Open to : Ages 16-96
Cost : From £8 a session