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double bass

double bass

Double Bass Lessons

Our private lessons are tailored just for you based on your own goals. It doesn’t matter what age you are – we’ve taught people from 6 to 86! Double bass lessons harryYou’ll benefit from 1 on 1 with your tutor, instant feedback, fast progression, flexible content and personal direction. At Igloo we have a double bass you can use in your lessons to give it a try and see if you like it. The double bass is a beautiful instrument with a tear-jerking sound, becoming more popular in folk and pop music as well as it’s more traditional classical home.

Venue : Igloo HQ
Times : 4pm – 10 pm Tues, Saturday daytimes
Open to : Ages 6-96
Cost : From £16 a lesson, packages available

A message from Greg  “I strongly encourage all students to play in bands and jam with other musicians. I encourage people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to take part in learning music. I believe that anyone can enjoy the experience of learning bass, and find that their goals are not just a possibility, but achievable.”