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The truth about singing being good for you.

February 12, 2020

You’re bound to have heard that singing is good for you. I have found this to be true myself, with the people I perform with and the people I coach, on a social level, physical level and emotional level.

  • Physically – deep breathing increases oxygen levels in the blood which is good for your blood pressure, helps you feel calm and rejuvenated.
  • Emotionally – singing gives you a boost of happy hormones that improve mood and relieves stress.
  • Socially – singing together with other people deepens connections with those around us. As social beings, this is a good thing.

I could go into a lot more detail but that’s the crux of it.

So many times I’ve gone to a rehearsal exhausted when I really wanted to just stay on the couch, and leave more energised than I arrived.

The truth is, the sound you make is actually irrelevant to whether or not you get these benefits. You get these benefits whether you’re a newbie or a more experienced singer.

Another truth is that the more you do it, the better the sound will get. Most people I’ve worked with are more inclined to do it when they know it’s going to sound ok, but the doing has to come first, then you will get the results.

You get these benefits straight away from the physical act of singing. Whilst you might need a group of people to get the third one, you can get the first two all on your own.

Now I’m not saying, don’t bother to try to improve your singing. What I’m saying, is that if you think your singing no good, don’t let that stop you if you want to do it. A combination of simple exercises and singing for fun will start getting your voice into better shape, and you will start to see results.

If you start doing some exercises and get to know your voice a bit better, you might feel more confident to go and find a group to get that final social benefit too.

So sing in the shower, sing in the car and get those first two benefits. This exercise is also available to help develop breath control and begin to start exercising your voice. Have a go at this and add it to your car singing fun!

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