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Ukulele Books For Beginners and Refreshers

February 13, 2020

We have a particular approach to learning at Igloo that is very student focused, so tend not to recommend very many books as a matter of course. We dip into all kinds of things as relevant to the individual.

However, there are a couple of gems for each stage that I personally like.
These three beginner books each serve a different purpose, and can also be useful if you haven’t played for a while and want a friendly refresher.

Ukulele From The Beginning – £3.99 – £7.99

I’ve seen this listed at prices £3.99 to £7.99 and although it’s aimed at primary school age children, the way the information is laid out is very coherent and easy to follow. If you can stand playing nursery rhymes for a bit, it’s a great way of getting off the starting blocks.

Jam Book 1 – £3

This is a book of some of the materials we use with our beginner ukulele groups of adult learners. This is a great way of applying your new knowledge to some well known songs, to get that sense of musical fulfilment. £3

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Ukulele Aerobics – £8 – £12.99

I’ve seen this listed from £8 – £12.99.
If you would like something a little more austere, this is a great book full of really good exercises, with new materials for each week. The regime is a bit tough in my opinion, but you can take it at your own speed. This goes well beyond beginner level also if you’re looking to develop further. I would recommend having some songs to play alongside this as well!

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