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Ukulele Song Sheet – Banana Boat Song and getting that reggae feel..

August 5, 2013

Ukulele Song Sheet

Songs in the key of C are great for beginner ukulele players as several chords are one or two fingers only. The Banana Boat Song has only 2 chords in the entire song, but is still great fun to play. This Jamaican folk song was most famously by the fantastic singer Harry Belafonte in 1956, and also used much later in the film ‘Beatlejuice’ in 1988.

This is a good ukulele song sheet for beginners. To simplify the strumming, just play one strum on each chord, and work up to the suggested strumming pattern to get more of a reggae feel when you know the song a little better.

“So funny and easy to learn this song. Great indications.” Marisa Perez


Download these two documents to have a go at playing your ukulele reggae style!

The Banana Boat Song Sheet


Reggae has a distinctive feel because of the strumming pattern, and where on the beat the chords are played.

Getting That Reggae Feel:-

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