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“Straight away I felt less stupid that I couldn’t do it on my own. I was shown how to hold my ukulele and how to use my tuner, and taken through some chords in the first session. I really feel like I can learn to play the ukulele now after just one lesson.” Lucy

Igloo Ukulele Band rehearsal

“I really enjoyed the beginners ukulele course I did with Igloo. I went to a taster with a friend, and we both got the plucking bug after that! The classes were paced really well, learning a couple of new chords and going over previous weeks to keep it fresh, and the songs were brilliant – I loved having a sing along almost as much as the playing! The teacher was open to suggestions of songs to play, and everyone in there helped each other out. Thanks Igloo – it’s encouraged me to try more tasters of things!!!” Caroline

Beginners Ukulele Group Course

Beginners Ukulele Group “The tutors are inspirational. All I had to do was look and they were there.” Peter

The ukulele is a lovely, small, accessible, portable instrument, and through our Beginners Ukulele Course, you will see that it brings a smile to your face when you play it.

Total Beginners

If you are a total beginner and would like to take the first steps slowly, then give this group a try. This Beginners’ Ukulele Course is a series of 6 fun and instructive 1 hour sessions. Groups are small with a maximum of 8 beginners in any one class. Beginners only are permitted onto this course and assessed for suitability before signing up, so you will be in the company of people of the same standard to you.

Once this course is complete, participants will have the option to join improver courses and/or the Igloo Band. Additional training sessions available.  All members, no matter how new or experienced, are also encouraged to come to our sociable jam nights to meet more musicians and have a ‘group practice’, which really helps embed skills and develop musicianship.

Igloo ukulele groups are

  • fun but also
  • instructive
  • you will be coached and mentored through the process of learning, and supported at every stage.

Venue : Igloo HQ
Times : Wednesdays evenings, Saturday mornings.
Open to : Ages 18-96
Cost : £85 for the course (please contact info@igloomusic.co.uk if you wish to book directly and avoid the online booking fee)
Dates: Please click to check the events calendar or email us for details 🙂

Next course:-
Tuesday 10th September 12.30pm BOOK HERE