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Viv answers some questions about The Igloo Choir.

December 16, 2020

We were recently contacted by Ivan Prothero from The Portsmouth News, who asked choir members about our new song and video, Call The Changes. This was Viv’s reply.

Hi Ivan
We generally meet every other Monday evening and once a month on a Saturday afternoon.
We write and perform our own songs inspired by each other and Dielle. This time inspiration came from the fact that Wickham Church had a rather important birthday! So we thought it would be a great thing to write a song!

We were soo lucky that Dielle was able to arrange a visit to the Bell Tower for us all and that was amazing! The Ringers explained the technical terms and told us about the different peals. We were also able to ring the bells and get a feel for the whole experience!

The whole experience of using Zoom through lockdown has been wonderful. It has felt like we have stayed together as a choir even though it’s been done virtually! It has helped us all stay in touch and feel focused together.

We talked a lot about doing the audio recordings at home and then emailed these into Igloo. Then explored virtual backgrounds – and some bought green screens to make sure it worked!

As a choir we love to dress Christmassy at Christmas and one of our songs features butterfly wings! So it was inevitable that costume changes would appear in the video! Even Hayleys wedding dress!

We are all soooo proud of the finished result!!

Read the article in The News here

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