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Vocal Reset – the straw

July 10, 2019

Use this exercise as a vocal reset to soothe your voice and achieve balanced airflow.

There are a number of vocal exercises involving straws. This one is great as it is adjustable and you can respond to how your voice feels on any given day.

Do this to re-energise your voice before, during or after voice use, to stretch and de-stress your vocal folds safely.

You will need:

A reusable straw – buy one online here for £2 – and a bottle of water filled about 2/3rds full.

  1. Find your depth – make an unvoiced, steady stream of bubbles and adjust the height of the bottle until this feels good. More depth equals higher pressure, so if that feels too hard, bring the straw out a little to a more shallow depth.
  2. Start vocalising – using one steady note, start vocalising through the straw, adjusting the depth if you need to.
  3. Widen your vocalisation – gently siren through the straw to stretch the voice. Adjust the depth at different parts of your range if you need to, ensuring you’re not working your voice too hard at any stage.

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