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Wedding Ukulele Flash Mob a Roaring Success!

July 14, 2015

Last Saturday an Igloo ‘Old Boy’ Wayne got married to a lovely lady Valerie. Wayne was a member of the Portchester Ukulele Group and asked us some time back if we would be prepared to do a little ukulele ‘flash mob’ at his wedding reception. We readily agreed, and Wayne taught us a song he had written in dedication of his bride – the story about how they met and his proposal.

Cheeky Pix Wayne and Val Wedding

Ukulele Flash Mob..

A small representative of the ukulele band reported for duty at the wedding venue, and we were given pinnies that matched the waiting staff, and were to pose as waiters and waitresses (much to our consternation!) until the speeches. At the end of the grooms speech, Wayne was given his own ukulele by one of our singers Sarah, and attempted to sing the song. He pretended he couldn’t perform it due to nerves, much to the ‘ohhhhhhwwwww!’ of the wedding guests. Enter Igloo. We burst into the room playing the song to much applause and the bride promptly burst into tears (nearly setting Di off too!)

Afterwards we all bundled in to the photo booth to remind Wayne and Val of their surprise ukulele band!

It is always wonderful to be part of people’s special celebrations, and we were particularly pleased to celebrate with our old group member Wayne and his lovely new wife.

We wish them a long and happy marriage from us all.

A Message from The Bridge and Groom:-


Thank you for being such a brilliant part of our fantastic day!
The guests were caught totally unawares as planned, Val thought they had roped in extra staff- brilliant- I had to look like I had never clapped eyes on you before- difficult- and it all worked to a T!!!
We will get along to one of your performances to thank you personally again I’m sure.
Everybody loved you, you may get some more recruits soon!
Wayne and Val.”

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